Samsung galaxy s9 plus Review | Specs, Feature and Full Details

The Samsung market was getting stale soon when the galaxy s9 plus came into existence. You won’t find an android phone in a bigger size which Galaxy S9 Plus has. More refinement than revolution. Low-light camera tech made it a masterpiece. An impressively compelling android handset as compare to iPhone X. Well, guys, the second rear galaxy s9 plus a camera on this beautiful masterpiece is a really awesome addition. As it would enable you to capture your moments in low-light.


No doubt you can find a variety of beautiful android phones on the market. The competition is in the state of "hitting the nail on its head". If we make a comparison of galaxy s9 plus vs iPhone x, I would personally prefer and suggest Galaxy S9 plus. Though I used both of them and also reviewed iPhone x. The S9 Plus is a beauty and a compelling Android phone with attractions and pack of more features and spec.

Galaxy S9 Plus Review

You won’t find a bigger and better Android phone than the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. The last year release had some flaws fixed in this one. Samsung now succeeded in its achievement and brilliantly Switched to a bigger screen. The beautiful engineering made it a splendid performer. Though the shape is same as Galaxy s8 plus nut the functionality is definitely upgraded one.

Galaxy S9 Plus Specs

A 6.2in display is making it attractive in look. Refined design with aspect ratio of 18.5:9 and QHD 1,440 x 2,560 pixels’ resolution exactly like the Galaxy S8 Plus and a bit bulkier in hand than the regular Galaxy S9. It’s same as iphone x camera but there is one major difference which is the change in resolutions.


The finger print reader is in the center now just below the second rear camera. The reader is now with more sensible qualities. The size of the reader is a bit small, I personally do not appreciate or like it. Now your finger would be recognized in two to three swipes not like before.

Finally, a stereo speakers pair is in catch, the same thing done by apple with iphone 7. Its sound is 40% more louder than the Galaxy S8 Plus. But the sound is still not good than iphone x. Now you would have the support of Dolby Atmos brings simulated 360-degree sound to the new smartphone.

Galaxy S9 Plus Features

Now you can switch form the low light to bright light during capturing your moments by its camera. Galaxy s9 plus camera specs place it in a different and advance level or simply say to the next level of photography in android smart phones.

It has two rear cameras with extremely high proficiency. All sort of android apps is supported on this smart phone from Google Play Store.


Galaxy s9 plus case is attractive and eye catching, glooming in hand when you carry it. If we talk about its colors the galaxy s9 plus colors are so true in the invent and that is the reason you can call Samsung as a leader in the android and smart phone tech.

Final Verdict 

If you are looking for a smart phone with android system, then Galaxy S9 Plus is the best choice. A best ever made of Galaxy in the S-series. If you want to make a comparison of this android beauty. then you can definitely prefer it on iphone x. The shape, bigger size and a glooming look make it standing in the front line. All the problem you might face in previous releases are now fixed in this release. About battery life I would definitely say that there is room to improve. One more thing should really be mentioned here about the live focus as it produces vague images.

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