My Special Aflac Duck - A New Gadget Helps Kids Suffers From Cancer

In recent times, CES discover a new as well as impossible robot to help kids who suffer from cancer illness. The duck robot is awesome and it can able to walk and make fun of kids and control them. It took the rest whereas it discovers under the rest knee height. Of course, this is a social robot duck designed to help children facing cancer. 

It is known as My Special Aflac Duck that has salient features and specifications when to help them a lot. It is impossible to see such a robot and greatly used to control the kids in a hassle free way. Aflac is widely known for its Zany commercials those with duck and insurance company focus towards children. It acts long as supporting families facing childhood cancer and spends for the cause. The Aflac approached the health and research company that makes comfort companion for kids with type-1 diabetes.

A revolution for kids suffering from cancer

It spent a year and explores the journey that children face cancer problems. This takes kids face cancer and chemotherapy based on the insights and hardware design. The behavior design of My Special Aflac Duck has a part of the robot and a part of a medical device. Most importantly, it has sensors that could react to touch, a microphone, and a light sensor. 


It can adapt to different environments and adjust the duck behavior. When the kid holds the duck, it is incredibly lifelike with natural movements. This could able to dance, nuzzles, and even has a breath and heartbeat. When you touch the duck, it starts quacks happily as well as waggles its head. This is incredibly cuddly and really a good one for control at a time when they undergo chemotherapy. The kids also become duck caretaker and can feed it, bathe and play with the robot. It mirrors the health care routines and even receives chemotherapy. This gadget is awesome in design and greatly helps most kids play with it and have a fun time.

ET glowing gadget for kids

The duck has a glowing ET that has light where kids can place on several RFID. It enables the feeler cards and has distinct emojis on them. It is usually feeling a reflection about how they feel when touched. When the kids touch duck’s chest, the duck drops its head and quacks sadly. If it is a happy sad, it will dance and cheerful give fun to the kids. 

The same duck has chest sensor chemotherapy PICC line attachment. It gives kids witness their friend and go ahead with the same treatment as well. Actually, this robot costs average rate but Aflac will donate this kind of gadget-free to the newly diagnosed kids with cancer. In the accessory bag, it has IV set for kids to stimulate administering mediation to the duck. It helps them feel less scared at the time of chemotherapy. This kind of gadget is highly useful to the kids who could feel free as caretaker. It gave those controls their mood and experience with ease.

RFID rocket ship accessory

The kids can also clean the ducks from dust and bacteria presents at the hospital. Therefore, this makes them really a fun activity when this type of gadget is introduced for the kids. When it is in IV mode, the duck head will begin to make gentle heartbeat-like pulses to calm children down and focus on breathing exercises. Finally, the last RFID accessory is a rocket ship.

 In addition to this, the Duck pairs with an app via Bluetooth and let kids entertain a lot. It takes place through an amusement park, rainforest, and a garden. This usually tapped to the duck and plays a soundscape of that scene. It virtually transports kids out of the hospital room. It sounds like a peaceful noise machine and designed to get relaxation and sleep.

Control kids on a smart performance

This type of gadget is technically smart and control over kids to make fun and entertainment. It learns to check and monitor their blood sugar and greatly helpful at the time of treatment. At CES standards, the Duck has the ability to control kids by its smart performance useful for the cancer kids. It is committed to providing the duck for free the children who suffer from cancer illness. 

It has supporting programs where kids can play with the duck and get the duck to thousands of families by the end of 2018. They play comfortably and thus everyone is getting an amazing solution when they used to carry My Special Aflac Duck for the kids who suffer. It is a comfortable companion robot for kids with type-diabetes. This is designed as a robotic comfort toy to the help kids being treated for cancer illness.


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