Asus MB169C+ Review – Best USB-C Portable Monitor

Are you looking for the best USB-C portable monitor? And are confused what to buy due to the availability of so many different models? Well, today we are going to review ASUS MB169C+ which is a USB-C portable monitor from ASUS, who claim it to be the best USB-C monitor available on the market right now. Let’s find it out.

Everybody realizes that ASUS is the most trusted and best brand of Computer equipment showcase. Regardless of whether you need to purchase a Wireless switch, graphics card or motherboard and so forth. ASUS is essentially the best.

Positioned first in the rundown of best portable monitors everywhere, Introducing the ASUS MB 169C+, it's the world's first and best USB-C portable screen and with astounding highlights and premium qualities which makes it the best USB-C portable monitor available in the market right now. Realizing that is controlled by a USB Type-C port, essentially makes it more future proof, as all the modern gadgets are advancing toward type-C port.

Nearby with its top-notch design and tasteful look, it likewise has an arrangement of awesome features. The measure of the screen is 14.5inches and the determination is not surprisingly FHD i.e. 1920 x 1080. With a super-thin 8.5mm profile, and tipping the scales at only 0.8kg, it is likewise the world's lightest compact screen introduced in the market at this moment.

IPS screen panel implies you will have no problem with viewing the monitor as you will have wide viewing angles and the contortion will be very nearly zero.


The hues are likewise awesome and energetic, and apart from work you can also use it for entertainment purposes. Asus has fitted the screen inside a defensive case to guarantee its security. For input is utilizes the display port over USB Type-C.

·         Light Weight
·         Great Portability
·         Ideal for every use i.e. Gaming, Productivity, Entertainment.
·         IPS Panel and FHD Resolution

·         Not compatible with USB Type A adaptors.

·         Limited Connectivity

Final Words For Article

If you are looking for investing your money for a one time best product then ASUS MB169C+ is definitely what you should buy. Coming with unique and amazing features, it has an elegant and slim design. Which makes portability really easy. Powered by USB-C port makes it future proof. Having ISP panel and FHD resolution promises vibrant colors and amazing details. It’s a win-win product for everyone.


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