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Make Money With These 5 Smartphone applications 

Today I'm going to share some tricks & tips about "Making Money" concept. In this article, there are 5 best apps of the year for money making with no any investment and no any special experience required. Making Money in your extra time is best rather than rough time. In this guide, i'll tell to about some facts and interesting app, that can help you for making money easily. You just read all things carefully and just follow it, I'm sure you earn more money than your expectation.


Now a day internet is part of your life, You can do everything via the internet like, social media, e-Study, banking, news, videos, etc.. But, You know Money Making is also possible via the internet. It required free time and smartphone, using these things you can earn extra money.

Top 5 easy way to earn money: 

1) Google Opinion Rewards:

Actually, this application was developed by Google Surveys Team. You just give answer surveys and earn Google credits with Google Opinion Rewards, all of these things are about Answer & Question and earn money.

What To DO??
You just download this app and install it, It'll send surveys to you around once a week. You will get a notification on your smartphone when Google Surveys is ready for you, you just answer for given question and get rewards as money format.

Which Types Of Questions By Google Opinion App:
1) Which color is best for given Logo?
2) Which place you want to travel in next vacation?
3) Which design is best for given things?

Simple Interface of Google Opinion App:


Download Google Opinion Rewards App:


2) Fronto App:

With Fronto application you also earn money, with no any Question & Answer scenario. Fronto is lock screen app, which allows you to earn money just by waking(Unlocking) your smartphone screen. Which is to use and easy for everyone. In lock screen, there is advertising by Fronto app, Which is safe and no any system harming ads. Ads in the form of any product related, any market, any article, etc... Every time you have lots of ads on your lock screen, So, you just swipe or unlock your screen and earn money.

What To Do?
You just download & install Fronto app. After swiping your unlock screen, You earn every time money as per app's rate.

Which types of ads see on my lock screen?
1) Any article, current news that makes you not bored.
2) Any product related ads
3) Any sponsored promotions.
4) Any Shopping information.
The simple interface of Fronto App:

Download Fronto App From Here:


3)Slidejoy App:
Slidejoy app is like Fronto app, But different in interface and case rating. Slidejoy pays you in the form of case or rewards gifts. You also redeem your case with the use of PayPal app and also donate money to other which you want. They sent you a message that how much you earn today. This app is not to make you rich, but if you tolerate ads then it's free money.

What To DO?
1) Once you register in Slidejoy app, Every time you unlock or swipe your lock screen and get rewards in the form of carats, 1,000 Carats = $1. At register time you get 20 Carats free.

How It's Work?
1) Swipe Up: You see more news.
2) Swipe Down: You access your notification and app menu.
3) Swipe Left: Content Information.
4) Swipe Right: Go to home page.

Simple Interface of Slidejoy App:

Download Slidejoy App From Here:

4)Foap - Sell your Photos:

Foap is the most popular app for selling your photos. You just upload your smartphone photo's and make money. If you have interest in photography then Foap is the best platform for you, You upload your photo and sell it on Foat Market and get a case on your bank account. Foat's design is very simple and it's reason to become the most popular app of selling photos.

What To Do?
First, you register in Foap app, after upload your photos and put it into Foap sell market, and make money.

Features of Foap App:
1) Sell your photos on market.
2) Create your own portfolio.
3) No upload limit.
4) PayPal for case redeem.
5) Get feedback on your image from other.

Simple Interface of Foap App:

Download Foap App From Here: 

5) Pact App:

Pact Application is another good application for making money. It works on Gym or Exercising based. In this app, you set your fitness and health and fulfill your goal using this app. The idea behind this app is to motivate people and stay healthy. by using this app you get rewards and gift from the organization. Off course it'll not get actual money in your wallet but your health is also biggest money, also you upload your fitness images in an app and get rewards as gift format. If you stay active in this application then you get money   

What exactly Pact App Does?
1) Increase your fitness level.
2) Manage your money on the line.
3) Check photos meals and compare it with old photos.
4) Send you notification that how much you earn this week. 

The simple interface of Pact App:

Download Pact App From Here:

Final Words:
That's it all for now. Here is the end of this "Making Money apps" article. I hope you like it, If you have any query related Download issue, or any app related issue then inform us by commenting below, I'll try to get back with solution, If you like it then share it with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, google+, hike & other social media option. thanks for visiting & keep visiting for more trick & tips.

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