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If you love Torrent?? If you like to download over Torrent?? Here are best apps which help you to download files from Torrent easily. Torrent offers to fast download streaming music, videos, Software, Movie instead of other file downloader apps. Fast Framing Video Streaming function made most popular over the world. Bit Torrent system allows users to download and share the data over the world. Firstly Torrent made for downloading scheme, and now Torrent's developer focuses on Android or another platform to make it easy for users. If you want to download from Torrent, You just need an app that uses Torrent protocol, and these apps are available on this page. 


In this article, we discuss top 5 torrent file downloader app. These apps are one of the best in the market nowadays. All of these apps are available on google play store, and it supports almost all android devices. Based on reviews, stars, comments, and rating we select these apps. So, you need to decide which app is better for you.

Now look at top 5 Torrent File Downloader Apps:

1) BitTorrent® App:

BitTorrent app is the most popular app for downloading files from the torrent. this app offers best user experience. you can find any which you want and get some result related search. You can apply you customize theme, encryption system, downloading the schedule and much more.You can set the speed limit of download. This app offers to download files over the wi-fi network. You just download the apk file and install it. This app uses advanced file streaming app for fast download. It's free for all users.

The interface of BitTorrent App:

2) Flud - Torrent Downloader

Flud - Torrent Downloader is another file downloader app from torrent. this app has the clean and simple interface for better user experience. Flud has no download limit for unlimited download. It also supports Magnet Link Support for direct file downloading with fastly. Flud App has its own application for cleaning, searching and much more, So you don't need any browser for any query. You just download Flud app from given link and use it. It's free for all users.

Some interesting interface of Flud app:

3) zeta torrent - Torrent App:

zeta torrent app provides custom inbuilt browser with magnet link downloader for fast downloading. This app support RSS Feed to notify when any new update on Torrent, So you get it frequently. It also provides pro version to bypass limited sources. You can get easily which is not allowed. ZetaTorrent provides inbuilt file manager to manage your files. SO, if you like it's features then simply download from given link and install it. This app is free for all users.

Some interesting interface of zeta torrent app:

4) Torrent Download Manager

Another file downloader app called Torrent Download Manager. Torrent Download Manager includes the in-built browser, free apps, no-ads, no speed limit, inbuilt file manager, magnet links, the advance encryption technique, proxy bypass system, downloading the schedule and much more. This app supports 16 simultaneous download files, You can perform pause, resume, delete from a queue, insert operations. If you like it's features then simply download a file from given links and install it. This app is free for all users.

The interface of Torrent Download Manager:

5) aDownloader App:

aDownloader app does work like above torrent downloader apps. It includes best user experience, Free license, no ads, inbuilt browser, file manager, magnet links, RSS feed and much more. The user just opens its inbuilt browser and go to the torrent web and search any one from the dialog box and get its link using the concept of magnet link download and it starts download. it's beautiful and cool features of aDownloader app. You just download from given links and use it, it's awesome. This app is free for all users.

Some interesting interface of aDownloader app:

Final Words:
So, That all it for now. In this article we learned about some cool Torrent Downloader apps. How it's work, it's features, and interfaces. If any query regarding downloading links then inform us by commenting below, If you like this article then share it with your friends. Thanks for visiting this post and keep visit for more Tricks & Tips.   


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