Best Apple iPhone Launcher For Android OS | Latest 2017

Apple iPhone Launcher For Android users Latest 2017

Smartphones remain as the powerful interface of all time, among them, Android is the best choice. Though you will get the bunch of alternatives choice, That is Android OS. Apple iOS has the huge Competition with Google’s Android. Although you can also run Apple iPhone apps on your Android, you need to have the iPhone look and it's interface to get satisfied.

Android Launchers also help to change your smartphone’s interface, it's icons style and much more. Overall you will notice the very faster Android user experience. Among all the Android launchers you would get, Apple iPhone launchers are Different with others. Using this launcher you can quickly turn your Android phone into the new iPhone system, only regarding the user experience. If you need to have a different interface for your phone, Then you might choose anyone from the best Android launchers to switch your user interface and also home screen.

So let’s have our look on some of the best iPhone launchers for Android that is free to download.Also see doodle army 2 mini militia pro app.

1. One Launcher 

One Launcher is easy to use, And it's free launcher for Android. we believe that Simple is Beautiful. Our Launcher does not claim your precious memory resources. It just gives you a high optimization, Better than own Android home screen, It replacement with a clean and polished user interface.

You can enjoy the iPhone iOS 8 user interface, the icon's set, and transition effects combined on your Android device. Each detail was replicated from the iPhone UI(User Interface). You can drag and drop your home screen's icons to create a new folder. Long tap on your home screen to open additional settings that could help you to change the look on your smartphone.

This is just look of this app in Google Play Store:

Key Features of One Launcher:  
  • Simple and lightweight.
  • Clean and uncluttered home screen replacement.
  • Customization of the home screen with lots a Theme manager options.
  • Smart widgets, Effects, Flexible Theme options.
Download One Launcher:

2. Espier Launcher

The easier name is run parallel to the iPhone launcher's race, that also in the Android market. Espier Launcher is one of the most frequently recommended applications that give your Android interface. That look like an iPhone system. To make the home screen replacement application, it makes your device smooth and lag free. It is a combination of the old-fashioned iOS system with a new system, which makes it incredibly joyous while it using. Best part, you have no any limit when it comes to the widget, you can have up to 8(Eight). But make sure, it doesn’t make your Android Device slower.


You will experience the real iPhone OS User Interface without anything missing. Apart from that, you will get the best customization over the icon style and its layout. so, that you can change your smartphone's look or figure. The extended design makes it easier to redesign your application drawer and adjusting for a particular behavior.

Key Features of Espier Launcher:
  • Great customization.
  • Easy to use.
  • No limits of the widget.
  • Extended design.
  • Best gestures.
Download Espier Launcher:

3. iLauncher - OS 9

iLauncher - OS 9 is one of best iPhone launcher for Android devices that doesn’t bring the whole iOS system but it's enough for Android system. iLauncher is an awesome home screen launcher, which will let you experience the super speedy and smooth operation. iLauncher have the same best interface and the same set of features settings for further updates. Once you install the application, you have iOS home screen on your Android device. There are limited customization options here. You can change the background picture, move apps and much more. The good thing is that iLauncher doesn't cause any problems to your Android device's overall performance. It's run smoothly.

Available on all devices with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher.

This is just look of this app in Google Play Store:

Key Features of iLauncher - OS 9:
  • No app Drawer.
  • Easy to use.
  • Best Gestures.
  • Personalization.
Download iLauncher - OS 9:

Hope you like these iPhone launchers for Android.


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