How to unroot your Android phone or tablet using SuperSU

Here I will share you the best android tricks & how you can easily unroot your Android phone or tablet.

So, you have opened the doors of advanced functionality on your Android phone or tablet by rooting it. That’s great! You can do new things with your phone that other people can not do with their smart phones. But what happens when your things change and you want to unroot your device? don't worry, we have got you covered this problem.

Rooting your device can give you a lot more control over system & software installation, but it also will usually void your device's warranty and make repairs problems. Luckily, you can quickly unroot most Android devices with a few simple steps.

Method: Unroot using SuperSU tool.


SuperSU application is easily the most popular and robust root management application available for Android device. If you are running a rooted device, there’s a very high chance that you’re using SuperSU tool to manage which application get superuser access. It is also the smartest and easiest way to unroot your Android phone because the entire process is done within the app directly by your own android phone.

To fully unroot the device, the first thing you will want to do is jump into the SuperSU app, If you don't have this application then download it on play store.


Once opened this application, swipe over or tap the Settings tab and scroll towards the bottom till you see the Cleanup option. Tap on the Full unroot option.



This will present a dialog box with what to expect you from the unroot process and ask if you like to continue. If you are using a smartphones with the traditional rooting technique, generally Lollipop or older, then this is the only step for you.after continue will unroot the device, and you will need to reboot to finish all process.




If you are on a device that was rooted with the system less root method in Marshmallow OS then tapping to “Continue” option will open another dialog box that asks if you like to restore the stock boot image, nothing that this is necessary for OTA (Over The Air) updates.If you are hoping to download the latest Android update when it drops, or if you are getting leave the device, then I would suggest tapping “Yes” here. If those options don’t apply to your situation, it is probably fine to just leave the modified boot image by tap “No” option.




The following screen may ask if you like to restore the stock recovery image. If you are running a custom recovery and you want to pull an OTA(Over The Air)update, this option is necessary to tap “Yes” to continue the process. If you plan on re-rooting in the future plan or want to continue using your custom recovery (say, for android backups), then tap “No” here. There is a chance that this option may not show up, in which case you will have to manually flash the stock recovery option. There's instruction on how to do this in the manual section below. 



After that process, SuperSU app will remove itself and clean up the installation.All process will take a few seconds, and then your device will reboot. Once the process will be finished for un-root, it should be complete un-rooted device and depend on which options were selected during the unroot process, back in a complete post.


Use an Unroot app if this method fails. The Universal unroot application available on the Play Store can unroot a lot of different types of Android devices. It costs $0.99 but can be very helpful.

Enjoy this awesome trick...


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