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Nowadays Facebook account hacking is not easy. but I'll help you by share some methods/tricks about Facebook hacking. So today Techsope is going to teach you how to hack facebook account using Linux Backtrack 5r3 operating system.


I think you know about Page Phishing technique very well if not then see my this post...


In old type trick, you had done many steps like...

  • Take Copy of Login Page.

  • Search the code line for changing it.

  • Changing Code.

  • Making Account on Web Hosting Site for hosting it.

  • Wait for Web Hosting Site Account Verification process.

  • Uploading Login Page on Web Hosting Site.

  • Send Link to Victim.

  • Found the Victim Information by clicking it. 


Means it is too time-consuming and difficult work for a new hacker or learner, So I think why not tell you Page Phishing Hacking in BackTrack 5R3 OS. How it's Interesting you Know ?? By this trick, you will able to found victim ID and Password by run some little commands only.


Step to Hack Facebook Account Using BackTrack OS.


Let's start...

The first one opens your terminal that is built into your OS.

Then find your IP address using "config" command.

Then type "cd /most pent/exploits/set" command and then press enter key.


  • Then type "./set" and press enter key to open Social Engineering Tool Kit like in the image.


  • Now type 1 to select "Social-Engineering Attacks" and press enter key like in an image. 




  • Now type 2 to select "Website Attack Vectors" and press enter key like in an image.



  • Now type 4 to select "Tabnabbing Attack Method" and press enter key like in an image.



  • Now type 2 to select "Site Cloner" and press enter key like in the image.



  • The Too important step is when you did step 6 then it says that "Enter The URL to Clone" which means here enter the page address of login page which is Phishing page and you like to make phishing page. so, I am going to enter:


  • Now press "Return" to continue.

  • Now it will cloning site.



Now your IP is work like phishing page link so, send your IP to a victim.

You can also change your IP with using Email.

Now if victim enters in your phishing page then victim's username & password will display in your terminal.


Now enjoy this awesome tricks...



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